Donna's Previous Projects

Check out some of our previous projects:

 In this project, we added a heavy duty screen door and screened in the entry. This allows the entry door to be open anytime and the Florida weather. It also adds pizzazz to the front of any home.
We’ve replaced a worn-out and damaged door with a new one that is sturdy and has a classic look to match the rest of the house.
Adding glass inserts to your existing door adds design, curb appeal and natural daylight into your home. As you can see here, we’ve added new glass inserts and painted the doors which update older homes, adding value and curb appeal.
As you can see here, we upgraded the windows into a horizontal slider, which is more accessible and provides sufficient natural light and ventilation.
Our team installed new Huriccane-Rated Bahama shutters for this project. This changes the whole look of the home, updating and adding value, as well as providing hurricane protection.
Here is another one of our previously completed projects. We replaced the old windows that had all the lines and distractions that obstructed your viewing, providing a clear view. The new windows also prevent the loss of air conditioning and lower your electric bill.
Donna's Door and Windows French Door

We replaced a solid bedroom door with a French style glass unit, adding a view and style to a home office.

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