Donna's Impact Single Hung Windows

Donna's Door and Windows Impact Single Hung 5

Impact single hung windows open and close by moving the bottom sash up and down. This simple design lets in air to the room. While the bottom sash is movable, the top sash is permanently fixed. This type of window can be used without any protruding parts, making them ideal for offices or homes that need windows facing porches, patios, or walkways.

donnas doors and windows impact window 8
donnas doors and windows impact window 8

Advantages of Impact Single Hung Windows

These windows are primarily useful during storms and bad weather. But more than that, they also protect from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Donna’s Doors and Windows are guaranteeing 99% protection from UV light.

By installing impact single hung windows, you get excellent protection from various elements while enjoying increased levels of comfort in your home or office. These reduce noise and energy consumption by regulating indoor temperatures. Keep your company or family safe and sound with our selection of impact windows and doors.

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