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Are you dreaming of creating some extra space in the house, but dread the thought of large construction projects? Why not have a lanai enclosure? Adding this feature could be the perfect choice for your  family.

While a number of homeowners already have lanais connected directly to their homes, they are often limited in terms of purpose. Most of the time, homeowners end up thinking that they just  wasted money and perfectly fine space.

Donna's Door and Windows Lanai Enclosure 2
Donna's Door and Windows Lanai Enclosure 3

At Donna’s Door & Window Co., we maximize the area by enclosing it with either an acrylic window wall system or high performance glass to provide year-round space. Our window wall system, for instance, will create an indoor space out of the existing lanai, but will still offer an outdoor connection via our floor-through-ceiling window panels. We also have premium screen, elegant glass, or vinyl windows for your lanai enclosure to imbibe the organic beauty of the nature outdoors.

Donna’s Door & Window Co.’s lanai conversions blend function and beauty with affordability. We guarantee year-round comfort, while being protected from inclement weather and pests. Remember, a lanai enclosure will create a whole new area for your family to enjoy without forgetting how it feels to be with nature.

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