Donna's Non-Impact Insulated Energy Windows

Donna's Non-Impact Insulated Energy Windows

Non-impact windows are specifically engineered to give you reliability for many, many years. These are designed to open and close quickly, quietly, and easily. But the biggest advantage of non-impact windows lies in their design. The energy-efficient design features interlocking meeting rails and double weather stripping, which helps keep your air conditioning and heating inside – and the elements (water and wind) outside. Because of this, your HVAC systems won’t need to work overtime, giving you massive savings in energy.
Another plus is the noise-cancelling function of these insulated windows. Ambient noises are reduced, so you won’t be disrupted by the loud noises outside. These are great for making sure your employees focus on their work with minimal interruptions, or for giving your family a good night’s sleep.

Donna's Non-Impact Insulated Energy Window
Non-Impact Insulated Energy Windows

Energy Efficiency You Can Depend On

Donna’s Doors and Windows carries a line of non-impact windows that filter out 99% of ultraviolet light. This aids in shielding you from the health hazards, while shielding your home from the fading effects of the sun as well.
These days, energy costs are skyrocketing. Fortunately, our non-impact windows come in a variety of materials that help lower solar heat gain, giving you a more manageable way of cutting your energy spending.
Some of our products are all Energy Star-qualified, too. Purchasing Energy Star certified doors and windows can give you tax credits.

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