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If you are looking to add some scenic ambiance to your home, then picture windows will do the trick. This type of window is designed for higher areas in the structure, usually in places that are hard to reach. They are designed to let more natural light in while giving you a view of the outdoors. These windows are fixed, and cannot be opened, but they do create a landscape view on your walls (hence, their name).

If you need more natural light in certain rooms or areas of the building without having to deal with wind coming in, then this type of window is perfect for you. Donna’s Doors and Windows has a wide range of picture windows that you can browse.

Picture Windows by Donna’s Door and Window
Picture Windows

We recommend using insulated glass because it is very durable and creates a more comfortable environment for you. It involves two or more glass panes combined together by a hermetically sealed air space in between. In addition, you can request for optional inert gases (krypton, argon, etc.) to use in between the glass panes for better heat production and to save more energy.

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