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Donna’s Doors and Windows carries different types of shutters for you to choose from, depending on your needs.

Accordion Shutters

These shutters are placed beside the doors or windows while not in use. As their name suggests, they unfold like an accordion. These are designed to cover your windows or doors and protect against outside elements, especially during bad weather. They are durable enough to withstand storms and high winds. Enjoy a high degree of security and durability from these windows’ heavy track systems. They also feature one-step locking systems that make it easy to open and close them, whether from the inside or outside.

Roll-down Shutters

Roll-down shutters can be attached above your window. Simply roll them up to store and hide them in a specified enclosure when not in use. You can manually lower these using a hand crank, or automatically using a push button. Roll down and lock them in place during storm surges to protect your office or home. Aside from bad weather, these are also great for increasing your security from theft and other forceful attempts to your property.
You won’t need to worry about extra space because they’ll be affixed permanently on top of your windows.


Storm Panels

These are primarily aluminum panels, engineered for quick and easy utility. They are lightweight but are capable of giving your a high level of protection during storms. If you choose storm panels, we will need to custom-fit them, so we’ll ask for the width and height measurements of the window you will be covering, as well as other pieces of information about your home or office. Depending on the structure, a different number of panels may be required.

Plantation Shutters

This kind of shutter is often regarded as the most luxurious type. Many homeowners desire this window treatment because it creates such an impressive and stately appearance – not to mention incredible reliability and endurance. Perhaps one of its best advantages is its timelessness, making it an ideal fit for both traditional and contemporary homes. But aside from its classy looks, this kind of shutter is very easy to use and access. You’ll get excellent insulation, control of how much light you let inside, ultimately giving more value for your home.


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